ðŸĪ–The future

What lies ahead of us

We are releasing the Unfungibles as a pre-release styled version with three existing NFT collections collaborating with us alongside our flagship collection to help us bootstrap our launch, providing from the first day an arena where different communities can join up and engage in tournaments.

But that does not mean we are done yet! With this, we are barely getting started. There's lots of work ahead of us, not limited to the already documented incoming game modes. Since we run by the ethos "underpromise, overdeliver", every mentioned game mode and mechanic has already been fully implemented, its release pending entirely on improving the UI and UX to a point where we feel comfortable with a full release.

The next items in our roadmap, in no particular order:

  • Support (many) more NFT collections. Since we can easily add support for any NFT collection to all game modes (ask us to support your community!), we will be adding more and more of the existing and newly released NFT collections over time. In the future, we would like to automate this process so any project can generate the necessary battle stats metadata on their own.

  • Add more game modes. We are launching with the Battle Royale tournament mode, but as mentioned we have already developed a 1 vs 1 duel mode where you can challenge your friends and enemies to assert dominance, an ELO system to create ranked matchmaking queues, and more!

  • Gather and apply feedback. We will be continuously improving the user experience, we want for the application and all game modes to be very easy to use and friction-less. We already greatly improved the gas expenses for the userbase running game transactions, but that is not nearly enough. We strive for perfection in the field.

  • Lower overall gas costs further. Since this is the step that shall be taken after all the smart contract code is set into stone, we are set to improve the efficiency of all the code involved as we grow the system, while keeping the main focus on the security.

There's plenty of other ideas and features that are still on the design phase, but we think they will be very exciting for the web3 community once revealed.

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