Battle Royale

There can only be one winner
At Unfungibles, you can participate in Battle Royale tournaments against other NFTs from any supported collection. Currently, royales allow 16 NFTs to join and fight until only one survives, taking the spoils.

How to join

First, you need to decide which one of the supported betting assets you want to use and the ticket price you wish to pay. To illustrate this example, we will be using $WETH and 1 as the betting asset and ticket price.
Note: Make sure that your balance and allowance are enough to cover the ticket price for the chosen betting asset. In the case of WETH, an utility UI to wrap/unwrap is provided.
A Battle Royale can be joined if there are free slots or if it can be executed and resolved on-chain to assign a winner to it.
To join, just select the desired collection and NFT to participate.
A self-explanatory stance can be chosen to decide how your NFT will behave during all fights:
  • Defensive
  • Balanced
  • Offensive
Pushing the "Join Queue" button and signing the transaction will start an asynchronous flow and eventually your NFT will join the next available Battle Royale.
Note: if a Battle Royale queue is full but it wasn't executed yet, your NFT would join the next available queue instead. You can see the future queues when the previous ones have been executed on-chain.
What happens now is that a cross-chain message will be eventually received at the Layer 2 and then your NFT will be considered in queue.
You can read more about why we do this at: Cross-chain execution and Monitor cross-chain actions.
A tiny fee of 0.0005 ETH is added on top of the transaction gas cost to support the protocol development for Unfungibles, to cover the running costs for the client-side utilities and game UI, and to be able to sponsor prize events.
After a queue is full, it can then be executed on-chain. The same flow as above will happen, L1 sends a message to L2 to execute the full battle and decide the winner.
Once a Battle Royale is executed and settled, it will appear in the history, at the right side of the screen:
The winner takes it all, getting back his bet x16, and the details of all the Battle Royale fights can be further inspected individually:
A total of 15 consecutive 1vs1 battles were executed on-chain and the winner took the entire prize home. Individual combats can be watched with the replay system, to see how your NFT did during the combats it participated in. The replay system takes a compressed fight log and shows you all the events that happened during the fight, generating an environment from both the participating NFTs for extra flavour.