Welcome to Unfungibles

Bringing innovation and unseen functionalities to the NFT world
Unfungibles releases with a 100% on-chain fully fledged battle engine. No tricks, only treats. Our key mission is to deliver the ability to use Ethereum assets on game engines that run entirely on-chain at an affordable cost, to expand the horizon of games that leverage the EVM technology.
The battleground is the network, the prize is eternal glory.
Our innovative system enables PVP battles between existing NFT collections: yes, that means that you can use the NFTs you already own to fight against others, and you don't have to do anything for this to work, as long as the collection is supported by the game mode.
We use different techniques that allow users to engage on 100% on-chain battles using their Ethereum assets without paying exorbitant amounts in gas costs by running the game code on Arbitrum. You can check how the game modes work and the implementation details in their respective pages.
The Unfungibles is one of the first collections that can participate in the fights from launch, and the native collection to the system, the project flagship.